Why Video Makes More Money Than Anything Else Period!

Are you scared of video for any or all of the following reasons?

  • It’s expensive
  • It takes to much time
  • Your not comfortable being on camera
  • You are not technically savvy

Well guess what- you can now throw all of those reasons out the window.  Andy Jenkins shows you how any regular joe can become – A Video Boss.

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A rockin’ video review of Andy Jenkin’s The Video Boss

Here is a sample of what you will learn

How “Regular Folks” who are NOT professional Video-makers are CLEANING UP using simple video marketing strategies:

* How “James” created a short, 4 minute slide-show video as a gift to his dog, and how it went VIRAL and got over 4,000,000 (That’s Four Million) views.
* How “Robert” used camcorder Video of his wife exercising to ramp up to over 90,000 visitors per month to his YOGA site.
* How “Bill” made short, less than 2-minute long demonstration videos for his Artificial Christmas Trees site that are now 11 of his 12 most powerful converting web pages.
* The CURSE of Online Video Marketing – how to protect yourself and take advantage of what everyone else is afraid of.
* The absolutely fastest way I know how to make a killer sales letter video from SCRATCH, so you could be converting more visitors to sales in just a few hours.
* The most popular and powerful software you should use to make slick, professional looking online video. Some of these applications are so easy to use, you might not even need to read the manual.
* A silly, but hardly ever used trick to make the voice quality of your audio sound like it was recorded on an expensive, professional microphone.
* How to make “Flip-Cam” video look like “TV-Studio” video. This secret is a head-slapper.

I am not sure how long Andys going to have these videos available so get in while you can.

Go here to Become a Video Boss

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    Thanks for the inside scoop. Looks like some awesome free training.


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  3. Thanks for this post, I was looking for information like this.

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